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Author and health educator Ty Cannon, a respected fitness, martial arts and nutritional consultant, exposes common addiction myths in his revolutionary new program. The Power of Addiction Program© has been developed to assist individuals who are dealing with all forms of addiction and make living a healthy, balanced and fulfilling life a reality. Classic recovery myths include the idea that there is a quick and easy 30-day or 90-day program out there to overcome addiction. So often current recovery programs have little or no regard for the personal well-being and health of the client. Traditional recovery centers focus on outward appearance and the proposition that if you complete their 90-day program it was successful, regardless of whether or not the client relapses soon after leaving the program. The fact is addiction is an extremely complicated issue that needs to be understood on multiple levels. Unfortunately the tools, education and support required to take an addict from sober living to sober thriving range from limited to nonexistent in the current recovery models used today. The Power of Addiction process© a unique system developed by Ty Cannon has evolved from the philosophy that long-term sobriety and personal well-being are intimately connected.

Health Education is Critical..

Respected scientific theory extols the benefits of healthy, natural diets, but Ty Cannon takes things a bit further by suggesting that healthy lifestyle is at the core of many addiction issues and is a key factor for any long term success. Furthermore, celebrated athletes and business executives throughout history have benefited from high-level success coaching which is nonexistent for people currently struggling with addiction.

The Problem..

Cannon asserts that dietitians and trainers have been fed a sludgy porridge of misinformation, half-truths and have never been taught about the direct link between diet, lifestyle and addiction issues. Assertions that he backs by scientific facts, case studies and more than 30 years of research into health and fitness issues. “When overcoming addiction the importance of restoring the body to its optimal health can not be overstated,” says Cannon.

This book, “The Power of Addiction©,” debunks accepted myths associated with addiction and recovery and explains the link between addiction and lifestyle choices with groundbreaking clarity and rational thought. The book’s title makes a bold statement, but Cannon supports his position with medical literature, historic examples and thoughtful analyses. 

Cannon has established solid credentials in fitness, self-motivation and personal training disciplines and has spent the last 5 years lecturing across the country and educating doctors on how to implement healthy lifestyle protocols with their patients. As well as an established health educator, Cannon is now focusing all of his attention on making an impact in the field of addiction. Cannon was recently contracted to implement his programs at a local recovery center where Over a 6 month period the program completion rate went from 2% (which is about the industry standard) to over 25%. Cannon attributes this level of success at helping people to his program called The Power of Addiction© that teaches a very different perspective on addiction. The current model looks at people suffering from addiction as being broken. Cursed with a horrible burden that they will always have to carry. Never being free, never being able to enjoy life the way the so-called normal people can. The fact is the most successful people in the world have addictive personalities. Every Olympic athlete, every famous actor or politician has an addictive personality. They just manage their condition differently. The Power of Addiction© uses proven methods that allow clients to tap into the same core emotions and belief systems that have limited them in the past and turn them into something that motivates and drives them toward a sober and fulfilling life.

 Change Happens Now!

The Power of Addiction© Book is designed to assist and support clients, and teach appropriately at the right time 5 key elements of being successful, beginning with mastering your physiology. The Power of Addiction© process asserts that it is difficult to be successful with anything when you don’t even feel like getting out of bed in the morning. Therefore it is essential to master your physiology through proper diet, physical fitness initiatives, education and motivational coaching. The book includes a step by step 21-day challenge that will put you on the right path for a healthy, balanced and fulfilling life.

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  1. I met Ty Cannon in a recovery program for drug addiction. I had been using for about 10 years, had tried other treatment programs, and had no intention of maintaining any kind of sobriety. I was resigned to the idea that my life would center around drugs until I died, which I had attempted to do more than once.
    Ty’s approach to training/coaching was uniquely comprehensive. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience, which allows him to provide functional insight in various ways; motivational coaching, dietary practice, biochemical aspects of addiction, physiological systems, goal setting, etc. Additionally, one of the things that I feel is completely unique to Ty’s approach, is his perspective on applying addiction in positive ways and beginning to harness it as a strength. I found this to be an extremely profound and powerful concept.
    Today, I am 11 months sober, and happier than I have ever been. I eat a healthy/clean diet, train regularly and feel amazing. I’ve even quit smoking! I am currently working hard on becoming an IMSF certified trainer, and have even taken on clients who I work with regularly. I have people in my life who I trust and can depend on, and have repaired the broken relationships I had with my family.
    The training process has been monumental for me. Ty has given me something that I can dedicate myself to, and that makes me feel good about myself. It helps me keep a daily routine together, which truly ripples in to every other area of my life. Getting to train myself has given me an amazing coping skill for the tougher times, and the having the opportunity to work with other people gives me the ability to share this amazing gift.
    At this point, I feel like the future is so bright, and has so many possibilities. I am going to continue to work with Ty to develop myself as a trainer/coach, and eventually I want to work with people who have addiction problems as well. However, even if something changes along the way, I know that the skills I have learned from Ty can be applied in so many ways and to so many parts of life.
    -Berkeley Wolford

  2. I was new in treatment and I had NO life/ coping skills. I used drugs as a way to cope and my life became unmanageable. What was unique about Ty, he put fitness, and an “optimal state of health” into perspective for me. One thing Ty said to me, I will never forget, he said “If you are in you optimal state of health and fitness, you can tackle anything life has to throw at you”. And to this day, I find that to be true.
    Today I have a year sober, and I have a phenomenal job in treatment, AND I’m about to be a father. I plan on earning my CADC degree and become a drug and alcohol counselor, and eventually open up my own treatment center.
    Ty’s training process has taught me a the benefits of a plant based whole foods diet. Also, that going to the gym is not just about the way you look, but about your health and physical fitness

    -Adam Gonzales

  3. Ty approached me after watching me spin my wheels in the gym for months with little to no improvement. He began by analyzing my blood and then walked me through the 21-Day challenge to restore my biochemistry. After changing my diet and incorporating some of 5 Elements supplements, I noticed a marked improvement in my overall well-being and energy within the first week!
    When I started training with Ty, I was skeptical. I would never have believed the results! Ty trains the whole person: mind, body, and spirit. Ty teaches that, “once you truly understand one thing, you can apply it to everything.” After training for a week or so, I started remembering Ty’s training commands in my personal and professional lives. Everything that I was learning on the mat started to click; I was able to make noticeable changes in every aspect of my life. Because Ty trains the whole self, I am able to develop and grow physically, emotionally, and
    Addiction presents itself in many forms. I now have more tools in my arsenal to help me deal with anxiety and eating disorders. Ty teaches that you have to train for something greater, something that goes beyond the physical body. Martial arts training brought up emotional issues that I thought had been laid to rest. Ty’s training and the tools that he has taught me empower me to face these issues head on. I now understand what Ty means by thriving! After taking the 21-Day challenge and one month of training with Ty, I experienced results that previously took me nine months to see.

    Kelli Kelly

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