Are Energy Supplements Safe?

Everywhere we go from the gym to the local convenience store we are bombarded with countless energy drinks all promising to give us unlimited energy and stamina. It is actually impressive how many different ways supplement companies have found to package a massive dose of Guarana or other forms of caffeine.

Studies have shown that caffeine, as well as being addictive, can pose numerous health risks and in large doses can even be toxic.  One of the things people fail to understand is that caffeine is a vasoconstrictor. That means it constricts the blood vessels and causes the heart work harder to pump the blood into already narrowed blood vessels, which restricts blood flow and elevates blood pressure. However, in spite of potential risks, caffeine based energy supplements continue to be used by many athletes as well as being sold in every gym in the country to people simply trying to find the energy to get through their workouts.

Recognizing there was a serious problem with the way athletes were trying to get that extra energy they need for their training, Nick Delgado made developing a safe and effective energy supplement for the competitive athlete a priority at his research facility in Southern California. The design focus for this supplement was to create something that would give the body more energy as a by-product of making it work more efficiently, rather than using stimulants that stress the entire system and are potentially dangerous. This design philosophy ultimately resulted in the development of supplement now known as Power & Speed.

A major influence in the design process of Power & Speed comes from the asking the question, why are gorillas so strong?  We share 97.5% of the same DNA and yet we only have 1/6th their strength.  We know one of the reasons for the gorilla’s incredible strength is due to its extremely high levels of testosterone. High levels of testosterone make the body extremely efficient at utilizing nitrogen, which is used for extracting energy, or ATP from the cell.

Searching for a way to make humans have that same level of efficient energy extraction ultimately lead to the discovery, that an extract from a specific part of the kudzu plant in conjunction with an effective com­bination of whole natural herbs, and a unique nucleotide classified as a nitrogenous base, acceler­ates the metabolism and speeds up the KREBS TCA cycle. This actu­ally increases the production of ATP in the mitochondria of the cells and allows the body to more efficiently utilize nitrogen for energy extraction with out the elevated testosterone levels.

This combination of natural herbs in Power & Speed also has a vasodilatation effect. That means that your entire vascular system relaxes slightly lowering blood pressure. This makes it easier for your heart to work and more efficiently transports oxygen throughout your body.

Delgado Medical Research conducted a study with 200 MMA fighters measuring punching speed and reaction time.  The results showed that 100% of the fighters using Power & Speed demonstrated a measurable increase in speed and reaction time, with an average increase in speed of 30%.

Power & Speed if perfect for performance athletes demanding high-energy results, mental focus and vigor, without any of the common side effects associated with other energy supplements.

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