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So, why another book on fitness, and more importantly, why another program? Aren’t there countless titles in the multi-billion dollar fitness industry that fit the bill? What makes this book, this program, so special?

These are all great questions to ask. Frankly, I’d be skeptical as well. These days, no matter where you turn, someone has the answer for a fat-free, muscular body. Americans are bombarded daily with dieting fads, miracle fat loss tips, and equipment that promises to make the pounds melt away in minutes-a-day. Unfortunately, thBook & Training Guiee opinions offered by your hair stylist, coworker, neighbor, or the self- proclaimed health experts you see hyping products on TV aren’t likely to help you achieve your fitness goals. Instead, you’ll probably end up feeling confused and frustrated with all the random, unsubstantiated, and often-conflicting information. This can make getting in shape seem impossible.
Recognizing there was a need for people to have a simple to understand guide to being fit, healthy, and pain free, I began writing this book, a project that I thought would take only few months to complete. That was over 10 years ago.

My original goal in writing this book was to put together a simple guide containing the necessary information people needed to help them sift through all the conflicting information about fitness. It turned into the only program in existence that combines fitness with anti-aging science, making it the perfect program for anyone who wants to turn back the aging clock, or have access to the ultimate sports performance protocol.

Within this book is the complete training guide I developed. It not only gives you a series of exercises, but also includes step-by-step life management practices that will make getting in shape, living a more balanced life, and turning back the aging clock easier than you ever imagined.

My approach doesn’t rely on a miracle diet, or a magic plant found only in the deserts of South Africa, or a celebrity-endorsed pill that makes body fat “disappear.” Instead, you will learn how to get the body you want and keep it through proper nutrition, cardiovascular exercise, weight training and a balanced lifestyle.

This program will help you modify your daily routine so that you can change your life. I have combined the knowledge gained from years of experience in the fitness industry and searched out the tools that really work. This program gives you the tools and support that you’ll need to achieve rapid results. And let’s face it, that’s what really keeps us all motivated: seeing and feeling the results!

Creating this book has been an enormous challenge and I am very excited to finally be sharing it with you. I am on a mission to help as many people as I possibly can with this program, and make it so that no ever has to be confused about how to simply live a healthy balanced life again.

For a limited time I am including with this book a FREE personal coaching session to help you get started. (regularly $130.00)

Can be by phone or in person here in Costa Mesa.

Only $19.95

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